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  • Bachelor degree education: Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Chinese Communication, Chinese pronunciation, characters based on Chinese reading, basic writing, Modern Chinese Studies, modern Chinese vocabulary, Chinese folk, modern educational technology, Chinese extensive reading, education theory, Chinese teaching trainee , Introduction to Chinese teaching, language proficiency test counseling, modern Chinese rhetoric, modern Chinese speech, modern Chinese Grammar, Chinese literary classics Readings, Introduction to Chinese Culture, Chinese television, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Chinese commerce, Chinese culture, Chinese tourism, Chinese applications writing, newspaper Reading, HSK vocabulary grammar, studies of ethnic Chinese, Chinese education and other topics (32)


  • The non-degree Chinese basis: Elementary Chinese, the primary spoken language, elementary reading, listening comprehension, Intermediate Chinese, Intermediate Speaking, Intermediate Reading, Intermediate Listening, Intermediate Writing, Advanced Chinese, Advanced Speaking, Advanced Reading, Advanced Listening, advanced writing, character-based, Chinese culture, Chinese language application Writing, reading and writing enhancement (18)


Established : 1950

Formerly known as : Beijing Overseas Students Training School, Beijing Chinese Language and Culture School, Beijing Chinese Language and Culture Training Center, Beijing Chinese Language Education Center, Beijing Chinese Language Education Institute

Vision – Mission : The school’s vision is to provide facilities for Chinese people living abroad and the Chinese heritage as well as students from various countries who want to learn Chinese language and culture, for cultural exchanges and enhance friendship between China and other foreign countries. To train high-quality Chinese teacher training center, become China Education Development R & D, Build a Chinese teenagers and other people around the world who love Chinese culture Chinese language learning center

About University

The college accepts students from all over the world and offers various programs according to their requirements, including bachelor’s degree class of Chinese education (scholarship program for overseas Chinese teachers), college degree class of Chinese language, long-term Chinese language class, intensive HSK class, summer vacation Chinese program (for individuals), summer and winter Chinese language & culture camp (for groups) and Chinese teachers seminar etc. By virtue of Beijing’s exceptional advantages in language and culture, the college has established a teaching pattern that combines classroom teaching and social practice, which has earned it widespread fame in the circle of Chinese education. BLCC is proud of its distinguished faculty and staff team. The BLCC faculty are enthusiastic about and experienced in Chinese education and most of them have taught or done research in foreign schools. And the BLCC staff are always ready to provide professional, reliable and full service for those coming to study or visit.
The college has two campuses. Fuchengmen campus is located in central Beijing, just 5 km from Tiananmen Square. Huilongguan campus is located in Changping District of Beijing, covering a total area of nearly 15 hectares. The two campuses can accommodate a total of about 2,000 students. BLCC has advanced and full-featured facilities, beautiful campuses and efficient transportation, and provide convenient, comfortable and considerate conditions for all the students.


The predecessor of Beijing Institute of Beijing Overseas Chinese students cram school (eighties by hanging Beijing Chinese Language and Culture of a school card.) This is a truly a school, has gone from the early days was born undone, and to discontinued in the great national catastrophe “cultural revolution”; from the Rehabilitation of reform and opening up in the spring, to the development of Chinese education in the two historical phases universities.Her birth and growth, expansion and ZTE, received special care and support for people’s government, and also pour molten hard work of several generations of Chinese educators sweat and 40,000 alumni of one to affection.

The first stage: the birth and growth

After the October 1949 founding of New China, tens of thousands of young people full of youthful aspirations overseas and a strong patriotic fervor, going through obstacles, thrown himself into the embrace of the motherland. In order to meet and placement group after group of returned overseas students, under the personal auspices of the Central People’s Government Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission (“Overseas Chinese Committee”), the main person in charge of Miss He Xiangning and Mr. Liao Chengzhi, in autumn of 1950 he established the “Beijing Returned Overseas Chinese Friendship Preparatory Meeting “and” Beijing returned overseas Chinese students at the secondary school tuition. ”

School early, honorary president of Beijing University of Central Miss He Xiangning complement appointed director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs concurrently. During this period, several times to school inspections He Xiangning elderly, caring for the children of returned overseas Chinese. Under her influence, good teachers and school spirit and harmonious relationship between cadres make up the school to become a fine tradition. Up and down the whole school gathered together, intimacy difficulties, material life did not affect the mood of overseas students who, they deeply felt, is living in the capital, Beijing, have nothing but joy and happiness.

Returned overseas Chinese school has been supplemented meticulous care and attention: students in addition to all Shipping tuition, medical expenses, school or temporary economic hardship for families not on overseas aid, have time to give different levels of grants; winter issued bedding, cotton underwear and sanitary underwear; temporarily short of money can apply for Bank of China small interest-free loans; chronic disease or infectious students admitted to the North Sea also arranged special dormitory convalescence. Reception was arranged as a transit point for overseas students transition complement school in Beijing, a veritable “House of returned overseas Chinese students.”

Make school embarked on a formal road running after the approval by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, the school began in Xicheng District, Beijing Fucheng Men outer location building new schools.

September 1953, Fu Wai new school was officially opened.

The new campus in Xiangning, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee and deputy director Liao Chengzhi personally intervene at the completion of an area of 80,000 square meters, construction area of 20,000 square meters, the building complex was the first rise of Fu Wai area. School facilities include a teaching building 20 standard classrooms and laboratories, four student dormitory, a standard football field and 400 meters track, and swimming pool built later. This scale teaching and living facilities, at the time the country’s secondary schools is unique. Completion of the new premises, fully reflects the Government’s loving care for returned overseas Chinese students, overseas Chinese education are highly valued. Since then, the Beijing Overseas Chinese make up school ended a three-year “flow” of school history, entering a new period of normal and stable development.

According to the characteristics of overseas Chinese schools, the creation of the University of arts, science, agriculture, medicine Preparatory School, secondary technical classes, middle and high school classes each year, and two additional language classes, special reception born in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Japan and other countries Overseas students do not understand Chinese

In 1958, returning from Indonesia famous overseas Chinese educator Mr. Zhang Guoji took over my school second president, Mr Paul Cheung, president served 20 years before his outstanding contribution to the cause of Overseas Chinese Education and meticulous care for returned overseas Chinese students, are still alumni praise

In the 1950s, the new Chinese booming fortunes and good social habits, forming a charisma of the times, the majority of overseas Chinese youth to attract overseas have returned to their studies, and determined to put all to the cause of building the motherland.During this period, the number of overseas students returning home has increased every year, forming a huge trend of the times.In 1960, Beijing overseas Chinese students cram school students have been up to over 3500, reached a peak in history.Then returned overseas students mainly from Indonesia, followed by Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Japan and Hong Kong and Macao, there are a few from Britain, America, France and the Philippines, Mauritius and other countries.

Returned overseas Chinese boom, so Beijing has been unable to fill school admission shown with large influx of overseas students.To this end, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission decided to set up new overseas Chinese students cram school in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Kunming, Nanning, Wuhan, Shantou and other places.Beijing make up part of the school leaders and teachers are the backbone of support to go to the country to organize a new school, and the school policy formulated by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission and the Beijing experience in education up to the school around the new school overseas.So far, Beijing overseas Chinese make up the school to play in the reception of returned overseas Chinese students work placement in an active role, and become an important base for China Overseas Education.

According to statistics, the last century, the fifties, sixties and returned to school in Beijing Huaqiao fill officially registered 22,250 students.After a period of tuition, they have been assigned to a regular school to continue learning throughout, most of them eventually admitted to the domestic institutions of higher learning, and played an important role in the returned overseas Chinese intellectuals work in the future and become pillars of the state of the material.

Beijing overseas Chinese make up school also trained a batch of outstanding overseas Chinese affairs cadres for the new China’s overseas Chinese affairs in the history of overseas Chinese affairs wrote an important chapter.Another group to respond positively to the national call of returned overseas Chinese students give up the opportunity to continue their studies, went to the northeast, Inner Mongolia and the southwest border, in support of the cause of building border of the motherland dedicate their precious youth.

The frenzy of the Cultural Revolution swept across the land of China when Beijing overseas Chinese make up the school was not spared. Schools on June 15, 1966 were closed, many returned overseas Chinese students in ultra-leftist line suffered injustice, frustration heavy to leave their homes

The second stage: to do restoration and resurgence

January 1978 State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office was established.Under the leadership of Liao Chengzhi, director of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in March 1980, set up a school to do Beijing Huaqiao fill Preparatory Group; May 1981, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Ministry of Education issued a joint document, decided to resume the Beijing Overseas Students cram school.In the same year on September 1, the school officially re-run and school classes.

Up rehabilitation to do after school undone, in the community and alumni of attention, fill school leadership sessions led by faculty to vigorous efforts to revitalize the Chinese education on a resurgence of the road.

Re-run at the beginning of the school campus immediately begin to recover and re-teaching staff.

A number of complementary school veteran leaders, teachers go back to school; language teachers from secondary schools in Beijing to become the backbone of a group of young and energetic school teaching; then assigned to the 82 and 83 th graduates domestic Normal, for the teachers to add new blood.Re-do the initial formation of this teaching staff, the school has become the backbone of Beijing fill the Rehabilitation and Restoration period.

Beijing opened a Chinese language teachers make school classes, Chinese long classes, according to the requirements of the new era of Chinese short courses teaching task.The initial formation of this kind of teaching organization model for subsequent development of Chinese language teaching has laid a good foundation.

May 25, 1982, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office held the “overseas Chinese make up school work conference.”The meeting identified the direction of the school in the New Overseas Chinese make up the school and main tasks: to spread overseas Chinese language and culture of the motherland; proposed Running 16-character principle: “differentiated, individualized, intensive short-term, to apply their knowledge.”In order to meet the teaching needs of the new era, the meeting decided to Beijing, Guangzhou, Jimei three overseas school by hanging up “Chinese Language and Culture School” school brand.The conference for my school run by the complex to determine the major policies flourished.

After 1983, the strength gradually resume the Beijing Overseas Chinese make up school again become attracted overseas students studying first choice, appeared the first peak of the short-term summer camp activities.

1983 school that is successfully organized Thailand, the Philippines and Europe, Friends of Camp Beijing Chinese youth to participate in Japan countries, Beijing – Qingdao Friendship Camp and Youth Camp Philippines Chinese, but also to recruit overseas teachers trainees 65 people, 35 students in the class of long-term, short-term, 57 students in the class, and for the needs of the language, culture teaching, set up basic Chinese, listening, conversation, articles Readings, writing and knowledge of Chinese culture courses.

In the case of poor school conditions, all the staff complement to carry forward the glorious tradition of the old school, from scratch, hard work, careful teaching, hospitality, and in the face of Chinese students from around the world, to establish a new school make good image .

September 1985, the summary results of the work and educational experience overseas do make school complex since the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office held a “Overseas Chinese Affairs Office system Education Symposium.”The meeting analyzed the characteristics of Chinese education under the new situation, affirmed our teaching and combining tourism school of thought and experience, focusing on the overseas Chinese and Chinese textbooks prepared teacher training and other issues, and proposed 32-word educational policy, namely:. “Tour Combination, Education in Entertainment, individualized, informal, colorful, have focused on strengthening management, enthusiastic service”

In the “32-character principle” under the guidance of our school’s mission is to further clarify: provide the conditions for overseas Chinese to learn Chinese language and culture, to promote Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and friendly contacts services.The work of our school entered a stage of comprehensive adjustment and development.Our school in compliance with “32 words guiding principle,” and various forms of school: actively organizing summer (winter) camps, continue to offer long-term Chinese language courses, short courses and other classes; to carry out research activities on language teaching, serious discussion and exploration rules and methods of language teaching; organization to outstanding teachers of the Chinese language teacher training courses and teaching materials, teaching research; initiated the preparation of a variety of Chinese textbooks; carefully opened up to the rest of China 7 Beijing tour of each school to teach Line …… term work gradually toward mature direction.

In 1987, our school under the leadership of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the establishment of the Chinese Textbook issue at the first set of published and distributed for use in schools teaching Chinese overseas “Chinese.”This is equipped with 12 video tapes and audio tapes materials in three languages, to fill the domestic offer Chinese teaching materials for overseas Chinese schools blank.

In 1990, the China Overseas Exchange Association commissioned our school founded the “Chinese teaching communication.”The issue to the only overseas Chinese teaching professional publications in more than 60 countries and regions for the exchange of experience and information of Chinese education, Chinese language teaching theories and methods of research, the dissemination of Chinese culture and Chinese knowledge, enhance overseas Chinese education contact person, played an important role.

1981-1990, our school has trained Chinese students in the class of long-term from 32 countries and regions, 969 people, 477 teachers trained overseas Chinese people, to recruit Chinese short courses (summer camp) participants from around the world 2800, the preparation of various 13 kinds of Chinese Textbooks (56), issued 45 million volumes of books teaching overseas, and selected the three Chinese teachers go abroad to teach.So far, the school’s reputation at home and abroad more and more,

The early 1990s, China’s reform and opening up and economic construction has entered a period of rapid development.I school to seize the opportunity, with the tide, on improving teaching, service, management and operating efficiency, a series of reforms in the direction running toward standardization, once again making strides towards a glorious new era.

July 1992, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Fujian Overseas Chinese make Jimei school held in Beijing, Guangzhou, Jimei 3 supplement school work conference.At the meeting, summarize our school office complex since work experience, the first time in the New Overseas Chinese make up the school “five basic business,” or “five functions” point of view, to be sure participants resonance and meetings.These five basic business is: First, the creation of long-term Chinese language classes (beginning, middle and high three grades, school system for one year), to meet the requirements of overseas students specializing in Chinese, develop a high level of Chinese expertise; second, to develop Chinese summer (winter) camps and other short-term intensive education to swim in the form of education with young people overseas to enhance understanding and emotional home country, raise their interest in learning Chinese language and culture; third, the creation of overseas Chinese teacher workshops to strengthen academic exchanges and theoretical study, increased training efforts overseas Chinese teachers; four, overseas Chinese schools to prepare new textbooks applicable Chinese, go to the main domestic teachers, teaching materials on the road at home and abroad cooperation; Fifth, send teachers to teach overseas long-term and short-term lectures, understand firsthand overseas Chinese teaching in order to facilitate targeted to support the development of overseas Chinese teaching.Relationship and focus on my school work five basic business is: run long classes, obtain successful experience is the basis for effective work of others; preparation of teaching materials and training of teachers is the most important overseas Chinese.Establishment of these five basic business, clear the specific responsibilities and tasks of our school for overseas Chinese teaching service, determined after nearly 10 years of teaching development, the formation of school characteristics of our school.

The past 10 years, teaching in our school has made remarkable achievements: a total enrollment of Chinese students in the class long from over 30 countries, more than 1,500 (95 percent of university students and graduates enrolled); from more than 20 countries and ten thousand overseas Chinese teenagers regions participated in summer (winter) camps to teach short courses of tour activities; nearly a thousand overseas Chinese teachers to the school training and exchange of teaching experience; our teachers more than 30 people were sent abroad 10 We teach a national long-term and short-term lectures; Textbooks achieved remarkable results: the introduction of overseas Chinese teaching children (textbooks, exercise, teacher’s manual for each 4); Thailand and China completed primary school Chinese textbooks (textbooks, exercise, teacher’s manual of each 12) ; written by my school “Chinese” series of textbooks for primary schools overseas Chinese schools full-time use (set 50), became one of two main materials of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to launch overseas; 10 years total to more than 100 countries overseas issue (including the sale) materials and all kinds of books nearly 4 million, more than 3,000 discs tapes, video discs with more than 1,000.At the same time, schools and overseas dozens of countries and regions in the Chinese education community, Chinese schools to establish a close cooperative relationship and business dealings, won the trust of the majority of overseas Chinese education workers.

The third stage: Facing the New Century

Greeting the dawn of the new century, our school has entered a new stage of development.

In November 1999, on the basis of Beijing Chinese Language and Culture School, the school upgraded to the Beijing Chinese Education Center; May 2000, approved by the Ministry of Education, Beijing Chinese Education Center alterations to the Beijing Chinese Academy become one in the capital city of Beijing institutions of higher learning specializing in Overseas Chinese Education.

With the full expansion of the teaching business, school conditions in our school also seen rapid improvement.New computer classrooms, audio-visual classrooms have been set up; teaching equipment and books and materials increased investment; place of classroom activities involving students, student dormitories, conference rooms, interview rooms, restaurants, offices, etc., to improve a variety of facilities; schools teaching and living conditions have been basically meet the needs of a new generation of overseas students.

A more magnificent picture, people are all up in front of the school’s expansion.