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Hospitality Management (in Chinese Language,4 years)

Beijing Hospitality Institute is an education exchange and cooperation project of Chinese and Sweden governments, and is an average high educational leveled institute which is established by Beijing Xingpai Group cooperating with Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, Beijing Capital Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Beijing R&F Real Estate Co., Ltd., Switzerland Lausanne Hotel Management Institute Beijing Hospitality Institute and is characterized in teaching in hotel management major. The Institute was approved in May, 2008 by Education Department, it is the only one full-time regular hotel management college approved by Education Department and recruiting throughout the country, and is the only strategic cooperation partner of Luosang Beijing Hospitality Institute in China honored in the international world.
With advanced school-running concept and open internationalize vision, Beijing Hospitality Institute put stress on cultivating the practical operation ability and application academic study ability of the students, closely relied on related enterprise to develop cooperative school-running and explore the management mode and operational mechanism of cooperative school-running between the university and the enterprise, and cultivated middle and high level internationalized application type talents, who have leadership, organization ability, operation ability and application study ability, team cooperation consciousness and devotion spirit, can adapt to new environment and challenge and also has multi-culture consciousness and open mind.
As the cooperative institute of the most honored Switzerland Lausanne Hotel Management Institute in China, Lausanne will provide the study system and nuclear intellectual property right for cultivation of hotel management talents, and combine domestic school-running situation and talent requirement to cultivate internationalized application talents in the aspect of hotel management. Simultaneously, the institute specially constructed a high standard practice hotel according to the Lausanne mode, the high grade adviser of Lausanne monitors the teaching in hotel management major, the students in third grade and fourth grade can apply to go to Switzerland Lausanne Hotel Management Institute to study; the Institute will share the industry resources in the teaching practice of various hotels of Lausanne Hotel Management Institute in the world. The Institute will spend ten years to become the best Hotel Management Institute in the country, even in the Asian area and to become a training base and certification center which is approved by an industry, famous internationally in hotel management.
The campus of Beijing Hospitality Institute is located in Panggezhuang Town in Daxing District, the Jingkai highway can directly reach there, the transportation is convenient, the campus is quiet, through which garden water system penetrates, and the architectural style is simple and elegant. The occupied land area is 300 mous, and is composed of two parts of teaching administration area and life service area. The teaching facilities of the Institute are advanced, the life service facilities are complete, the campus network layout is reasonable, and the security protection facilities are complete. The teaching practice hotel constructed according to Four-star standard is provided with complete functions and unique feature, completely meeting the practical operation teaching requirement of the students in hotel management major and other majors.