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Founded in Butterfly Mountain of Wu Zhou in 1928, is a provincial university located in Nanning, Guangxi, China. It is also commonly abbreviated as (Chinese: 西大; pinyin: Xī Dà), Guangxi University set a precedent for higher education in Guangxi. The first president was the famous educator and scientist Doctor Ma Junwu. The motto of “Reviving China and Advancing Guangxi”, which was advocated by Ma Junwu, is the mission. Guangxi University, despite many vicissitudes and relocations, has been deeply rooted in this land of ethnic groups and growing in strength.

Being a national university in 1939, Guangxi University consisted of Science, Engineering and Agriculture Schools at the beginning, and created the colleges of Arts and Medicine in 1936. By 1949, the Guangxi University had developed to be an well known comprehensive university in China, which consisted of five colleges namely Culture and Education College, Law and Business College, Technology College, Engineering College, Agriculture College, including 22 departments and 4 special courses. By 1949, Guangxi University had developed into a comprehensive university with 5 colleges, i.e., culture and education, law and business, science, engineering and agriculture. In 1952, Chairman Mao autographed the university name for it and Guangxi University was suspended in a nationwide readjustment of colleges and universities in 1953. In 1958, Guangxi University was reestablished

Guangxi University began to recruit international students in 1961. In 1997, in order to meet the need of reform and development of higher education system, Guangxi University merged with Guangxi Agriculture College to found the current Guangxi University. In 1999, the new Guangxi University was designated as “211 Project” university; In 2004, Guangxi University was approved to be a cosponsored university by Ministry of Education and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Choices of Majors

At present, Guangxi University has 30 colleges, offering ten disciplines of philosophy, economics, law, liberal arts, sciences, engineering, agriculture, management, education and art. It has 9 post-doctoral research stations, 58 Ph.D. programs, 186 master programs and 94 bachelor degree programs. The present enrollment includes 23.677 full time undergraduates, 7.061 postgradutes and doctoral candidates, overseas students 1.328 and more than 20.000 continuing education students.

Bachelor Degree Program

Schools and Departement Majors
Business School Tourism Management,

International Economics and Trade,

Banking and Finance,

Accounting, Business Administration,

Agricultural and Forest Economy Management,

Financial Management,




Industrial Economics,

Regional Economics,

National Economics,

Finance, Accountancy,

Business Management,

Political Economics,

Tourism management,

Banking and Finance,

International Trade,

Agricultural Economy and Management,

Technology Economy and Management.

National Economics,

Regional Economics,

Fiscal Sciences,

Finance & Banking,

Industrial Economics,

International Trade,

Labour Economics,

Quantitative Economics,

Public Economics,

China-ASEAN Regional Development

College of Journalism and Communication Journalism,

Mass Communication,


College of Public Management Philosophy,

Public Administration,

Social Work

Philosophy of Science and Technology,

Administrative Management,

Educational Economy and Management,


Foreign Philosophy,

Chinese Philosophy,

Social Security,

Land Resources Management

College of Liberal Arts Chinese Language and Literature,

Drama and Cinema Literature,

Teaching Chinese to Speak of Other Languages.

Chinese Linguistics and Philosophy,

Chinese Ancient Literature,

Theory of Literature and Arts,

Chinese Ancient Philology,

Modern and Contemporay Chinese Literature,

Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature,

Comparative Literature and World Literature.

College of Civil Engineering and Architecture Civil Engineering,

Hydropower Engineering,


Urban Planning,

Structural Engineering,

Geotechnical Engineering,

Municipal Planning,


Gas Supply,

Ventilating & Air Conditioning Engineering,

Disaster Prevention & Reducyion Engineering & Protective Engineering,

Water Engineering Structure & Safety,

Construction & Urban Environmental Technology

College of Electrical Engineering Industrial Automation,

Electrical and its Automation,

Agricultural Electrification and Automation

Electric Machinery and Electricity Apparatus,

Electric Power System and Automation,

High Voltage and Insulation Technology,

Power Electronics and Electrical Drive,

Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering,

Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment,

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System,

Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Management Science and Engineering

School of Computer, Electronics and Information Computer Science and Technology,

Computer Science and Technology (Software Engineering), Network Engineering,

Information Security,

Electronics and Information Engineering,

Communication Engineering,


Computer System Architecture,

Computer Software and Theory,

Computer Applied Technology,

Software Engineering, Information Security and E-Commerce, Information Processing and Communication Network System

College of Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering and Automation,

Agriculture Mechanization and its Automation,

Vehicle Engineering,

Thermal Energy and Power Engineering,

Logistics Engineering,

Industrial Design

Mechanical Production and its Automation,

Mechanical Electronic Engineering,

Mechanical Design and Theory,

Vehicle Engineering,

Thermal Engineering,

Power Machinery and Engineering,

Agricultural Mechanization Engineering

College of Live Science and Technology Biotechnology,


Law School Law
College of Animal and Technology Animal Science,

Veterinary Medicine,



Animal Genetics and Breeding,

Animal Nutrition and Animal Science,


College of Light Industry and Food Engineering
Light Chemistry Engineering,

Packaging Engineering,

Food Quality and Safety,

Food Science and Engineering

Pulp and Paper Engineering,

Sugar Engineering,

Food Science,

Agricultural Product Processing and Preservation Engineering, Cereals,

Oil and Vegetable Protein Engineering,

Aquatic Products Processing and Preservation Engineering

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering and Technology,

Pharmaceutical Engineering, Chemistry,

Applied Chemistry,

Process Equipment and Control Engineering,

Chemical Processing of Forest Products

Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry,

Chemical Processing Machinery,

Chemical   Engineering,

Chemical Technology,

Biological Chemical Engineering,

Applied Chemistry,

Industrial Catalysis,

Chemical Processing of Forest Products,

Environmental Engineering

Chemical Technology,

Chemical Engineering,

Biochemical Engineering,

Applied Chemistry,

Industrial Catalysis

College of Resources and Metallurgy Mineral Resources Engineering,

Metallurgical Engineering,

Safety Engineering

Mining Engineering,

Minerals Processing Engineering

College of Agriculture Agronomy, Gardening,

Plant Protection,

Agricultural Resources and Environment

Botany, Crop Cultivation and Farming System,

Crop Genetics and Breeding, Gardening, Pomology,

Vegetable Sciences,


Plant Nutrition,

Plant Pathology,

Agricultural Insect and Pest Preventation,

Pesticide Science

College of Forestry Forestry,

Wood Science and Engineering,

Gardening, Ecology


Wood Science and Technology,

Forest Genetics and Breeding,

Forest Cultivation,

Landscape Architecture

College of Mathematics and Information Science Mathematics and Applied Mathematics,

Information and Computing Sciences,

Management Sciences,

Information Management and Information System

Pure Mathematics,

Computational Mathematics,

Probability and Mathematical Statistics,

Applied Mathematics,

Operational Research and Cybernetics

College of Physical Science and Technology Physics,

Electronic Science and Technology

College of Foreign Languages English,




College of Education Applied Psychology,

Educational Technology

Educational Economy and Management
College of Art Art Design,

Fine Arts,



College of Materials Science and Engineering Material Science and Engineering,

Material Shaping and Control Engineering,

Metal Materials Engineering,

Inorganic and Nonmetallic Material Engineering

Condense Matter Physics,

Material Physics and Chemistry,

Material Science,

Material Processsing Engineering

College of Physical Education Social Sports



Master Degree program Teach in Chinese

Schools and Departement Majors
College of Journalism and Communication Journalism, Mass Communication
College of Civil Engineering and Architecture Solid Mechanic, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources, Hydraulics and River Dynamics, Hydraulic Structure Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering
Structural Engineering,

Geotechnical Engineering,

Municipal Planning, Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Engineering, Disaster Prevention & Reducyion Engineering & Protective Engineering, Water Engineering Structure & Safety, Construction & Urban Environmental Technology

College of Electrical Engineering Electric Machinery and Electric Apparatus, Electric Power System and its Automation, High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Technology, Power Electonics and Drive, Theory and New Technology of Electirical Engineering
College of Live Science and Technology Microbiology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Fermentation Engineering
Phytology, Microbiology, Hydrobiology, Genetic, Development Biology, Cytobiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Law School Law Theory, Constitutional and Administrative law, Criminal Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Procedural Law, Economic Law, Environmental Law, International Law
College of Animal and Technology Basic Veterinary Medicine, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Clinical Veterinary Medicine
College of Light Industry and Food Engineering Sugar Engineering
College of Resources and Metallurgy Crop Cultivation & Farming System, Crop Genetics & Breeding, Plant Pathology
College of Agriculture Crop Cultivation and Farming System, Crop Genetics and Breeding, Plant Pathology
College of Physical Science and Technology Theoretical Physics, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Radio Physics, Material Science, Engineering Thermophysics, Thermal Energy Engineering
College of Foreign Languages English Language and Literature, Japanese language and Literature