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Guangzhou University (GZHU) was merged, on July 11, 2000, by five tertiary institutions—Guangzhou Normal University, South China College of Construction, Guangzhou University, and Guangzhou Education College (Guangzhou Junior Teachers College). The history of university goes back to the year 1927. The university is dually affiliated to Guangzhou Municipal Government and Guangdong Provincial Government. The funding for the university is subject to Guangzhou Municipal Government.

The university is made up of two campuses. The major campus is located in Guangzhou Higher Education Meager Center (geographically called XiaoGuWei Island), covering a total area of 131.7 hectares, with a building space of 596,000 square meters. The other campus is located in downtown (GuiHuaGang) of Guangzhou, covering 20 hectares.

The university is fully committed to consolidating and expanding its undergraduate, graduate and international programs. The university comprises 26 schools, and is authorized to run 3 PhD programs with 20 grade-2 subjects, 27 master programs with 150 grade-2 subjects. In addition, the university offers 5 professional master programs in 27 fields, including pedagogy, engineering, physical education, art and international Chinese language teaching. It also offers 69 undergraduate programs with coverage of 8 disciplinary fields, including philosophy, history, literature, law, pedagogy, art, science, engineering, management and economics.

The university has a teaching and research staff of 1439, including two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 290 full-time professors and 604 full-time associate professors. The number of the full-time graduates and undergraduates is over 23,000.

The university is actively undertaking the national and provincial research programs, such as national “973”and “863” projects. It has established more than 30 research institutes or centers specializing in a wide range of subjects, including Interdisciplinary Research Center, Earthquake Engineering Research Test Center, Human Right Research Center, Research Institute for Development of Guangzhou, Research Institute for Computer Science & Software etc.

International exchange and cooperation have always been a priority work of the university. Up to 2011, the university has established the partnership with more than 100 overseas institutions. The university is available for international students to study Chinese and apply for degree study. It also enrolls students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well.

In the new age, the university is engaged in making a contribution to the community. The goal of the university is to mold itself as a comprehensive university with a characteristic and ranks in a leading position among the universities of similar type.

Bachelor degree Teach in Chinese

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Architecture
  • Architecture(Environment Design Orientation)
  • City Planning
  • City Planning(Landscape Orientation)

School of Business

  • Business Administration (Cooperative Program) (Experimental)
  • Business Administration
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Engineering Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Marketing

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Food Science and Engineering

School of Civil Engineering

  • Building Environment and Energy Utilization Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Water-supply and Drainage Science and Engineering

School of Computer Science & Education Software

  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Network Engineering
  • Software Engineering

School of Economic and Statistics

  • Accounting
  • Finance (Cooperative Program) (Experimental)
  • Finance
  • International Economics and Trade
  • Statistics

School of Education

  • Applied Psychology
  • Educational Technology (Teacher’s school)
  • Pedagogy (Chinese Teaching in Primary School)
  • Pre-school Education
  • Psychology (Teacher Education)

School of Environmental Science and Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Science

School of Geographic Sciences

  • Geographic Information Education
  • Geographic Science Educaton
  • Human Geography﹠Urban and Rural Planning
  • Physical Geography and Resource Environment

School of Humanities

  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • History
  • Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

School of Journalism and Communication

  • Advertising
  • Broadcast and Host ( Mandarin﹠Cantonese )
  • Broadcasting Science (Network Communication)
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • Radio-TV Program Production and Direction

School of Law

  • Law(Lawyer Orientation)
  • Law

School of Life science

  • Biological Engineering
  • Biological Science
  • Biotechnology

School of Mathematics and Information Sciences

  • Information and Computing Science
  • Information Security
  • Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

School of Mechanical and Electric Engineering

  • Mechanical Design, Manufacture, and Automation
  • Mechanical Design, Manufacture, and Automation( Experimental Cooperation Program)
  • Electronic Information Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation

School of Music and Dance

  • Choreography
  • Musicology

School of Physics and Electronic Engineering

  • Electronic Information Science and Technology
  • Optoelectronic Information Engineering (Optoelectronic Testing Orientation Included)
  • Physics (Education)

School of Politics and Civic Education

  • Ideological and Political Education

School of Public Administration

  • Administrative Management
  • Management of Public Services (Urban Management Orientation included)
  • Social Work

School of Tourism (Sino-French School of Tourism)

  • Exhibition Economy Management
  • Tourism Management (Domestic programs)
  • Tourism Management (Sino-France project)




Master Degree Teach in Chinese

                     Art (Lingnan Traditional Arts and Crafts)
                     Art (Oil Painting)
                     Art Design
                     Fine Arts
                     Design Science
                     Studies on Theater, Film &TV
                     Musicology and Dancology
            Architectural and Civil Engineering
                     Architectural and Civil Engineering (Architectural and Civil Engineering)
                     Architectural and Civil Engineering
                     Architectural and Civil Engineering (Heat Supply Engineering)
                     Architectural and Civil Engineering (Municipal Engineering)
                     Architectural and Civil Engineering (Regional Planning)
            Civil Engineering
                     Civil Engineering (Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering)
                     Civil Engineering (Municipal Engineering)
                     Civil Engineering
                     Electronics and Communicational Engineering (for in-service students)
                     Electronics and Communicational Engineering
                     Electronics Science and Technology
            Engineering Mechanics
                     Engineering Mechanics
            Environmental Science and Engineering
                     Environmental Engineering (for in-service students)
                     Environmental Engineering
                     Environmental Science and Engineering
            Industrial Design
                     Industrial Design (Part-time)
                     Industrial Design
            Mechanical Engineering
                     Mechanical Engineering (2012, for in-service students)
                     Mechanical Engineering (for part-time students)
                     Mechanical Engineering
            Project Management
                     Project Management (for in-service students)
                     Project Management
            Urban and Rural Planning
                     Urban and Rural Planning
                     Chinese History
  Jurisprudence (Law)
            Marxist Theory
                     Marxist Theory
                     Foreign Languages and Literature
                     Journalism and Communication
                     Chinese Language and Literature
  Management Science
            Business Administration
                     Business Administration
            Public Administration
                     Public Administration
                     Education (Biology)
                     Education (Biology, for part-time students)
                     Education (Chemistry)
                     Education (English)
                     Education (English, for part-time students)
                     Education (Geography)
                     Education (Physics)
            Education Cultivated for Rural Area
                     Education Cultivated for Rural Area (Education of Science and Technology)
                     Education Cultivated for Rural Area (History of Disciplinary Education)
                     Education Cultivated for Rural Area (Physical Education)
                     Pedagogy (Biology Education)
                     Pedagogy (Chinese Teacher Education, Part-time)
                     Pedagogy (Educational Administration)
                     Pedagogy (English Language Teaching)
                     Pedagogy (Ideology and Politics)
                     Pedagogy (Ideology and Politics, Part-time)
                     Pedagogy (Mathematics)
                     Pedagogy (Mathematics, Part-time)
                     Pedagogy (Part-time)
                     Pedagogy (Physics Teaching Theory)
            Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
                     Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(for foreign students)
                     Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(for Home Students)
            sports science
                     Physical Education
                     Sports Science
                     Marxist Philosophy
                     Chemical Engineering (for in-service students)
                     Chemical Engineering and Technology
                     Chemical Engineering